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Welcome on the Alexandre Buffard's website, French artist in Provence


Words from Josy Billstein,

Born in Lyon in 1966 and from a family with generations of painters ... it's simply, quite naturally, that Alexander Buffard expresses his sensitivity in a range of personal feelings.

Student of Jeanne Nové, from the Beaux Arts de Lyon, and Professor Maurice Montet, Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres, Alexandre had a dream of the South Provence that magnifies and which became his adopted land.

In 2007, I met for the first time this pleasant, spontaneous and communicative ‘young man’. It was an emotional meeting which Buffard emerges as a true life lover, his enthusiasm is pure, his range expresses another Provence. It applies to a broad artistic movement, suspended between reality and an expression of his feelings. Here, a vibratory force releases a rainbow of emotion just the sensation of the moment, the eye feels the joy of creative freedom.

In this work, we can feel a creative spirit that flirts with sound feedback, good to catch, they are happy to sing the forms in a generous language, under the breath of the Mistral winds, ‘that country’ he loves lovingly.

Buffard ‘exploses’ landscapes in atmospheres full of sun. His still lifes, including the famous poppies providing the subject with a passion that gives the soul to the canvas.

Plane architecture of reinforcing a kind of evocative power, while modulations operating powers contain energy and inspire the mind.

Dynamism, simplicity, freshness and passion, for a pleasing palette that has lots to say ...

I say, all leaves to predict that this young painter succeeds a beautiful journey on the road of art.


Josy Billstein
Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres
Le 20 mars 2008